Lawangwangi Creative Space Cafe & Resto - Lembang Bandung

November 16, 2017

Lawangwangi Creative Space - Resto & Cafe (Bandung)
Lawangwangi Creative Space - Resto & Cafe (Bandung)
There’s always a new and exciting to visit new restaurant or café in Bandung City to taste the food and also explore. During I am doing short trip to Bandung, I recommended Lawangwangi a new restaurant that has just opened a while ago at Jalan Dago Giri No.99a, Lembang, Bandung.
Lawangwangi Entrance Gate
At the front area of the Lawangwangi resto & café, we can see some art or statue that will amaze every people who coming to this great restaurant. There a small section selling souvenir and also cooking ingredients, as for the restaurant.

Statue on the ground floor
Some Art on the ground floor
The restaurant is located on the second floor, and on the ground floor we can see the art gallery, that I explain before. In the other side there's also a shop selling souvenir like clothes, bags, hats and jewelry next to the art gallery. The clothes is so artistry and I see mostly batik clothes in there and this is so cutest I might say. 😊
Comfortable and unique sofa
When you go up to the 2nd floor, that was a uniqe restaurant & café you can see here. It feels like you in the forest with interesting play of wooden panels, comfortable bench and so colorful. Then you can find space for your selfie/ photoshoot moments in the other side of restaurant (outdoor). You can selfie with limitless here dear!! 😂
It is Selfie time for you...
Amazing view from the second floor
Selfie moment LOL!!
If we talk about food and beverage, it is almost perfect. Not about tasty food but also about atmosphere when you can eating and feel the joy of beautiful scenery in Bandung area.

Food and beverages that I have ordered
I ordered food and drink menu, and I forget what is the name of menu, its look so complete menu that i am order, and also I ordered the famous drink here is Espresso (20k) and Lawangwangi Traditional (25k). Oh I remember the food I ordered it is calls Lawangwangi Platters (49k).

Overall, were quite impressed with our visit to Lawangwangi resto & café, nice view, food was decent with great concept of décor, and definitely a nice and cozy place to hangout with friends or family while enjoying the cool breeze of Bandung.

Address: Lawangwangi Creative Space
Jl. Dago Giri 99A, Mekarwangi
Bandung 40391 - Indonesia
Phone: (022) 250 4065
Instagram: @lawangwangi_creativespace

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  1. Wah aku jadi kangen kesini. Btw itu pohon-pohon di depan Lawang Wangi kok bagus warna daunnya orange gitu ya hehe..

    1. Hay Tesya iya memang tempat ini sangat mengangenkan ya haha... Warna daunnya memang seperti di Jepang-jepang gitu kan, lagi autumn. Hihihi..

  2. this paper really makes me very impressed once, if you have spare time, would also play to our house.
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    1. Thank you for this review, would be nice if you provide for that. LOL! Thank you very much!


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